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Just a friendly daily reminder about the new Puck voting incentive pic up on TWC! This one's horrifying! Seriously, though - kinda creepy. You've been warned.


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See this.  My brother made it and it made me piss my pants.

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Like, for realz!  The Hamilton Spectator, my local paper, did a profile of Puck.  What's more, the profile was written by one of my favourite humour writers, Jeff Mahoney!  This honestly qualifies as one of the coolest things ever to happen to me.  Check it out!…
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Yep, I did a podcast with Jason Love, over at his site:

We talk Puck, the business of webcomics, and a bunch of other stuff! Plus, you get to hear my rich, chocolatey voice, filtered through a bad phone connection. Give it a listen!  I actually don't sound like too much of a moron!  I'm relieved!
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NEW VOTING INCENTIVE! Boldly Go Where No Fairy Has Gone Before!!!

 August has arrived, and that means an all-new voting incentive.  It's Star Trek cosplay time!  (Next gen, to be specific.) All throughout August, we'll be posting a new voting incentive every week, so be sure to catch 'em all! 


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I'm backed into a corner in terms of time commitments this upcoming week, so I'm almost certain that I won't be able to get a Puck comic done for Monday, June 3rd.  Anyone interested in doing a guest comic?  I'll promote you big time and let all my readers know how wonderfully awesome you are if you do!  And be eternally grateful!  And be ... yeah.  That's all I got.

If anyone is interested, note me.
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Every once in a while, I get Puck fan art from an artist WAY more talented than me.  That just so happened when Mike Williams (a.k.a. :iconrougedk: ) recently crafted this gorgeous portrait of Puck.

Puck ink sketch by RougeDK

Mike is an incredible comic artist whose work on 'Miserable C's' is a thing of beauty.  His solid, expressive style and incredible inking hearkens back to the best parts of the silver age.  'Miserable C's' plays out a bit like a classic silver age soap opera comic, only with profanity and insanely adult content.  It's glorious.

Check out his comic work and other great stuff on his dA PAGE HERE!
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(*according to one very awesome website)

Just the First Frame, my all-time favourite comic aggregate site, released a yearly retrospective which identified the 1000 most clicked panels of the year. And guess what? Puck claimed 26 of those spots! That's over half the year's strips!

Henry (the awesome guy who runs JTFF) figured out the most popular overall comics of the year according the number of panels on this top 1000 list. Here's the top ten:

1) Cyanide & Happiness
2) Girls With Slingshots
3) Penny Arcade
4) I am Arg
5) AmazingSuperPowers
6) Chainsawsuit
7) Puck
8) MercWorks
9) Gun Show
10) Two Guys and Guy

PUCK IS NUMBER SEVEN. NUMBER! F$%^ING! SEVEN!!!!!!! And let it be noted that MOST of those other comics in the top ten run more than once a week; we're getting scored on how many panels got in the top 1000, so TG&G (a favorite of mine) had triple the chances to get on the list. Like Atari Jaguar ads once said, "Do the math!"

When describing this list, Henry said that it gets "to the heart of what style of art seems to be most attractive, though I think it's natural that there is some bias towards well-known comics." So guess what, all you well-known comics in the top ten? UNKNOWN PUCK JUST SERVED YOU A CAN OF MOST ATTRACTIVE PIE! (Er, 'slice.' Whatever.)

In honesty, though, this top ten is a really, really fine list of some amazing, visually stunning comics (even Cyanide & Happiness has its own visual, uhm, charm) and words cannot express how pumped I am about this.

Statistics never, ever lie, right? Right?


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At the time of this journal, it's TRUE.  WTF, my friends.  W ... T ... F!  And all thanks to the power of full frontal nudity!  If you missed your chance to vote, or want to vote again because voting is FUN, then
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Oi.  So much newness!  First off, many of you have already heard of or taken a gander at the new Puck website.  I'd voiced the agony I'd suffered trying to generate this site a little while ago, so I'm sure you can understand the huge sense of relief I feel now that it's done and actually almost looks pretty decent.  

Please note that I'm still going to be posting Puck comics on dA.  I'm not going to abandon the site at all!  I'm merely delaying the posts for new comics, just to provide a unique draw for the website.  If you want the newest comics, you'll know where to go!!!

Second off, there's a new voting incentive!  

Puck March Voting Incentive Teaser by ElectricGecko

It's the March spectacular, celebrating all that March has to offer by celebrating all that Phoebe has to offer!  It's pretty shameless, really.

Third, :icontimishayd: came up with a great fan art pic of Puck!

Puck by Timishayd

Never has she looked more manga, complete with one of those froofy Sailor Moon skirts and everything!   This is the first piece of Puck fan art in a year, so let's just say I'm real pleased as purple petunias about it!
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Puck Valentines 2013 Teaser by ElectricGecko

FEBRUARY Voting Incentive!  Git yer ANTI-VALENTINES!

A vote for Puck on TWC will get you exclusive access to the first in a fine line of anti-valentines cards just ready for printing and distributing!  Tell that special someone to go away the easy way!  A new valentine will be popping up each week, so...

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I'm venting here because I have nowhere else to vent.

About four months ago, the Adsense ads on my Puck site started getting attacked by a malicious Adsense bot, forcing me to shut them down in a hurry lest I get banned from Adsense forever.  Unfortunately, my comic host (Smackjeeves) isn't really designed to deal with such problems, and (long story short) the people at Google recommended that I switch providers if I wanted to keep running their ads.  

The only option is really a Wordpress-based site, so I started one, installed Comic Easel on my site, and ... started crying.

Seriously, am I this dumb?  Is making a comic site THIS hard?  I can't figure out how to do anything in Wordpress/Comic Easel. I'm confused by the nested 'matryoshka doll' structure of the plug-ins and themes and everything.  I can't even manage the most basic of tasks, like posting a comic and getting it to show up at its native resolution.  (Easel feels the need to shrink it to match the design width.)  I don't even want to consider the mind-blowing confusion of child themes.  I'm never, ever going to be able to figure out this garbage.  

I don't have the time needed to learn the basics, but I can't pay anyone to fix the site for me, largely because I can't make any money until I get the site up and going.  Which I can't do, because I suck.  I love making comics, love making Puck, but this crap?  This ad/site garbage has soured so much of the experience for me, and introduced an incredible amount of stress into my life, that I feel like quitting.  I feel helpless and foolish, especially because there are so many comic artists out there who seem to have no problems with their sites.  They all have Adsense (which I'm too stupid to successfully protect) run on Wordpress-based sites (which I'm too foolish to actually get up and running).

And the funny part?  The longer this takes me to figure out, the more money I lose.  What a nightmare.
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December's here! That means it's time to get into the holiday spirit with Puck! Vote for Puck on TWC to see Puck and Phoebe get festive - complete with requisite sexy elf.


Puck Xmas 2012 Incentive Teaser by ElectricGecko
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New Voting Incentive!  It's Halloween … BATMAN-STYLE!!! A new costume every week!
Every week of October will bring with it a new Batman-themed costume on one member of the Puck gang.  The first one's up now!  Make sure to vote each week and see them all!

Halloween Batman Teaser by ElectricGecko

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All through the month of September, you're going to get TWO Puck-related comics coming at you every week!  Starting NOW, a vote for Puck on TWC will let you see the first page of DAPHNE GOODFELLOW VERSUS THE WORLD, a special (mildly derivative) webcomic created by our very own Daphne, age fourteen.   (That's right.  I'm going all Bill Keane on y'all.)  A new page of Daphne's own kick-butt comic will appear every week on TWC after that!  

Daphne Versus the WORLD Teaser 1 by ElectricGecko

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It's August, and that means a new voting incentive for Puck!

Puck Red-Hot Beach Aftermath! by ElectricGecko

This one connects to the BEACH DAY WALLPAPER (which happens to be on sale HERE!)  Do you want to see the red-hot consequences of Puck's beach day party?  If so, then...


Now you do the math.  If the aftermath of the beach day was THIS HOT, just imagine what fun the BEACH DAY WALLPAPER contains!  Seriously!
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So it's early July, and we're all in the mood for flag-waving, so I thought it was time to celebrate the birth of everyone's favorite country with a little bit of patriotic cheesecake! Courtesy of Phoebe!

Patriotic Phoebe Teaser by ElectricGecko

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!
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So I finally got the Puck FAQ up and running over at the Puck site!  It answers all the questions you likely never asked or even vaguely wondered about. And it's really, REALLY long!  But it's there.  And that's gotta count for something:

In unrelated news, I love Just the First Frame.

You go to the 'popular' page, and it's like it simulates an alternate reality where my comic and the comics of my closest comic friends are the most popular in the universe.  And it's a beautiful site to boot. I want to have the creator's babies. (In a metaphorical baby-making sense.)
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It's voting incentive time on TWC again.

So one reader recently stated that he thought Puck should (for reasons unknown) be given a Green Lantern power ring, and I thought the idea was too ridiculous to pass up.  So if YOU want to see Puck defend the universe against evil, CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!
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Okay, short journal entry, but really?  Really?  It seems like every single person that I watch has just changed his or her name in the past two weeks.  Stop it, man!  It's confusing!  I know a name should really neither be here nor there, but I sort my inbox into two piles: stuff by people I know and like and care about, and all the other stuff.  Now I don't even know who I know!  You know?  

Who's with me on this?